Why It Takes So Long To Commit


I want to write a piece on healing holidays (long story). I have identified a few great places to go. I’ve e-mailed the PR’s and they are on board. I just need to get the final say so from my editor.

She’s agreed in principle, but I need a definitive yes.

Sounds simple right? But as a journalist I often have to wait till the right time to confirm with said editor. Should I wait until I see her face to face? Or e-mail when they have the time to think about it? Or when they are feeling most receptive (post Louboutin sample sale for instance)?

Sometimes they will say ‘yes’ (yippee), sometimes they will say ‘no’, and sometimes they will say ‘I’ll think about it.’

Which is the worst.

It’s then I have to make the judgment of when to politely nudge.

So we have to play the waiting game because their mind is full of this week/month’s flatplan, not next’s. And though it’s tempting to just say yes, I have to be honorable and not take a trip I can’t cover.

Or conduct a celeb interview that won’t run.

So we must wait.