Are You Consulting Me?


An email from a PR seemed fair enough. Could I possibly spare five minutes to give my opinion on a brand she was working on? I didn’t mind.

I had some interest in this retailer, as it’s found a successful niche over the twenty odd years its been in business and when you’re a freelancer who doesn’t get much chance to brainstorm with real live humans, sometimes it’s nice to air your opinions.

In fact, I did enjoy our chat and I ended up raising a few ideas about British retail and shopping habits that I hadn’t considered before.

Afterwards I thought, maybe I should have been slightly less generous with those ideas, but doing a good turn always reaps its own rewards.


A week later I received an email from the same PR asking me to look at a pitch relating to the same brand and have another chat. I gave it a glance, it was actually quite complicated and would have required a certain amount of research to get my head around, but aside from that… erm, just NO!

I’m a freelance journalist and creative consultant with two decades experience and you’ve had your lot, lady!

While there’s a certain amount of good will to be had, from this point onwards, my meter is ticking. Just so you know…