Rosie's Top Tips


As a journalist I have to deal with demanding editors. As a stylist I have encountered some tricky (I have used a PG rated word here, but know there were others options) photographers.

And as a PR I know you have to please your clients as they are ultimately paying the bills.

Some clients are, I’m sure, a dream. Some clients are passionate to the point of painful. It’s your job to act as a conduit between them and the journalists/influencers. Which is never easy.

As a journalist you quickly work out which PRs will balance their clients demands with your needs. And which will sell you down the river.

This is what we hacks appreciate

1) You managing a client’s expectation. A whole feature on a line extension product is not realistic. Neither is a 3-night trip away to celebrate.

2) An exclusive being an exclusive I.e. No-one else having the story. Full stop.

3) Keeping their dinner speeches short.

4) Telling them that to write about something it is often necessary for the journalist to experience it.

5) Voicing that mostly, in the main, factory visits are not a good thing.