It's Not Easy Being Green


There’s always that moment isn’t there – when something you disagree with theoretically, becomes something you disagree with passionately.

Take being wolf whistled in the street, or female tennis players ridiculed for grunting, or waitress uniforms that are so short they verge on indecent – once just something that you knew was wrong but was somehow accepted. Now it gets called out. And rightly so.

It seems like environmental consciousness has reached a tipping point.

Now we want to stare down ‘wasters’ – give them the evils like Greta did Trump.

Suddenly excess plastic in hotels/events/pr send outs seems distasteful.

And plastic straws feel all kinds of wrong.

As do plastic water bottles being given out in hotel gyms.

Ditto minis in hotel bathrooms. (Although I mourn their passing).

Being openly wasteful now detracts from the brand. But obviously the whole eco thing is a minefield. Easy to get wrong.

You hand out cotton bags rather than plastic. Good right?

Maybe not. A Danish report said cotton cloth bags need to be used 7100 times to make them less impactful than a plastic one.

So how many times must you have to use a Swell water bottle?

Obviously we hacks need to do our bit too.

Make sure we look for the eco truth not just swallow the latest ‘research.’

Oh and next time you see me at a supermarket checkout having forgotten my own bags – I give you full permission to give me a ‘Greta’ stare.