Are you selling yourself?


Last week I did my first proper piece of influencer content.

It was a sponsored post and three stories on Instagram for a major beauty company. Basically me talking about one of their skincare ranges.

Some learning my end.

Firstly I didn’t anticipate how much time it would take. The negotiating of what would make up the content, the negotiating of the fee, the reading of the lengthy contract.

Then there was the photographing and filming. Tidying up the house, tidying up myself (hair and make-up/outfit yada yada). And then the re-shoot because my hair managed to obscure the product. Doh.

But the biggest issue, and I’m not sure I spent enough time thinking about this, was how to make sure the content was true to myself and my message. Which sounds a bit pretentious, but now, I’m thinking, is actually quite important.

The brand in question is one I’ve always loved - so no worries there - but how to make sure my followers feel like they aren’t being sold to?

The brand obviously had clear messages they wanted to get across. I should have thought harder about what mine were.

The result was a good looking picture and posts which they were happy with. I was happy they were happy.

But next time I want to make sure it feels more authentically me.

I lost some followers that week. (Well that happens every week, but I usually gain more than I lose). My influencer friends tell me that’s normal.

But it still feels unsettling.

But I’ve learnt something.

To keep true to myself.

Which is a good motto for life, right?