Creative Force


I have nothing good to say about coronavirus, but on a positive note, it’s testing all our creativity, forcing everyone in the industry to think outside the box and really consider what consumers, press and audience want at this moment in time.

And if you can’t deliver that – well, what’s the next best thing? Case in point – events.

At the start of the year, I was invited by Scott Ideas to celebrate sustainable marketplace, Reve-En-Vert’s pop-up at Thyme, the hotel in the Cotswolds. They were going to hold a candlelit dinner at Earth Hour, which is this coming Saturday.

Obviously, that isn’t happening now, but instead of abandoning altogether, any day now I should receive a package from Scott Ideas, which is going to help me to create, in these days of lockdown, an at-home Earth Hour dinner.

I’m sure it’s not easy to have to abandon previous plans and now arrange something completely different in a short amount of time, but it’s a great alternative.

All the invited fashion press will be at home anyway, we’re all starved for content ideas and Earth Hour is a lovely thing to be promoting and celebrating at this moment in time. It’s still in tune with all the brand values and will get a certain amount of PR through our personal content, if not as much as 24 hours immersion with the brand would have done.

I guess we’ll just have to remember to wait until after 9pm to pick up our phones and upload to Stories.