Will it work?


This week H&M announced its new partner for collaboration, the Italian tailoring brand, Giuliva Heritage. I nearly choked on my cappuccino when I read this. Could you get a more disparate twosome?

H&M’s famous fashion collabs have included dazzling big names, like Karl Lagerfeld, Balmain and Versace. Giuliva is a slow-fashion label, run by the very elegant husband and wife team, Gerardo Cavalière and Margerita Cardelli. Their three-year-old collection of beautifully crafted coats and suits, inspired by traditional Italian men’s tailoring and made in sustainable fabrics, are the sort of pieces you save up to buy and want to keep forever. How does this fit in with H&M’s fast fast fast fashion model?

Well, it kind of doesn’t and that’s the point. As Vogue.com wrote this week: “Now, six months into the pandemic, with department stores cratering and global businesses suffering huge losses, small is beautiful but slow is better.”

In fact, H&M made their approach back in November 2019, so this wasn’t a response to the pandemic, but it’s true, if retailers are to survive, they now have to try hard to fit into a new way of thinking. And this collab is an attempt to show that H&M is on it. Will it work?

Let’s see but its innovative thinking and all PRs and clients should take note. As Cardelli told Vogue, “Fashion needs new discussions and new alliances.”