Why reading is good for you

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A flak asks: what do you read every day? By 8am today I’d at least skim-read: The FT, Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, and The Sun.

I lingered over Patrick Hosking’s column in The Times, because we’ve both written t

oday on cash-points. (His take is more elegant, but we’re roughly in agreement. I think.)

Then I read BBC Business, Business Insider, the AP wire, Reuters, Sky News, Twitter (not all of it), the WSJ website. And Betfair (I had a tip on a horse.)

Then I skimmed last night’s inbox. Then I ran through the stock market announcements. Then I started work. My colleagues did something similar.

It doesn’t necessarily make sense for flaks to ape this; you’ve probably got better things to do.

But there’s a clear difference in class between the flaks who know what’s going on in the wider world and those who don’t read anything outside their immediate sphere. The ones with the widest context, who may well have spotted something we missed, tend to do best.

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