A win is a win -- put the ball over the line

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Yesterday Wayne Rooney was presented with an open goal. Rather than just tap it in, he decided to juggle the ball all the way back to the half-way line. From where he tried to swerve-chip it 50 yards.

Of course he didn’t. But the flak trade does seem to try something similar quite often.

A few times this year – I’ve asked around to check it wasn’t just me – I’ve shown an interest in an idea that came up in discussion with a PR firm.

I’d say I could get a column from it, if they could help me with a bit more data, help me form a narrative.

Later, the flak (or the client) decides this material is now such gold it will be distributed everywhere, rather than just to me.

The net effect: no one writes about it. It dies, along with the work and the working relationship.

Plainly, 5-0 is a better result than 1-0. But 1-0 is still a win. You need a very good reason to place it in jeopardy.

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