Davos: a waste of time we can't take our eyes off

Tomorrow's Business

Newspapers have a complicated relationship with Davos. Every year they decide it’s a total waste of time and money. A mere talking shop for the uber rich that has nothing useful to say to the rest of us.

Then we hang on every word, and worry what we are missing.

Personally, I can’t stand the place. For the last three years running I’ve had to pull a fake sad face when alerted to the news that I wouldn’t be going.

Cuts in budgets mean papers now send far fewer people than they used to. And those that do go are overworked.

Which is where you come in. Almost anything that makes City Editors look like insiders rather than clueless onlookers is gold.

If you’ve clients who are there who are willing to spill the beans about what Jeff Bezos said in the corridor to Donald Trump, you can make yourself very popular.

Much lower level stuff than that will still go down well. It doesn’t even have to be entirely true. It just has to sound informed.

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