The flaks who want to sack their boss

Tomorrow's Business

How many corporate affairs directors think their own chief executive should probably be fired?

Two to my knowledge, so there must be others, lurking out there, keeping stum.

The main reason for not wishing for the bosses demise, of course, is that the top flak usually follows the CEO out of the door.

The new woman wants her own man. So it is today with the appointment of Paul Moore as group corporate affairs and communications director at ITV. In so doing, he follows ITV chief executive Carolyn McCall from Easyjet.

Paul is a fine operator to whom, very best of luck.

It does slightly feel like his job is only as secure as McCall’s though. I think ITV has got serious problems, so the answer might be: not very long.

I’ve been wrong before. Still, it’s a rough old world at the top end of flak land.

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