Hack gets caught up in takeover fever; forgets how to do job

Tomorrow's Business

I got spun today. Bamboozled. Flak 1, Hack 0.

Brian Roberts of Comcast told me first thing this morning that part of the reason for his doubtless audacious £22 billion bid for Sky was a conversation with a cab driver last time he was in London.

He told others too. We all lapped it up.

It’s a charming little bit of colour and hacks are suckers for that sort of thing. Amidst the rocketing shares, the Murdoch-related intrigue and the general excitement that goes with a takeover tussle, I forgot to ask an important question: Is Comcast a good company?

It’s track-record is patchy, I’d say. (scroll down to Criticism and Controversy).

Moreover, I entirely forgot that the charming Mr Roberts was embroiled in somewhat of a controversy about the use of the company corporate jet a while back.

I forgot to check what he gets paid). I was a shambles, basically.

My colleagues will surely do better in the morning papers.

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