I have completely forgotten who I am meeting and why

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I went to a meeting last week. (Stick with me, it gets better.)

On the way, several things occur: I can’t remember who I’m meeting. I can’t remember why. I’m not sure where I’m going. I’m not sure what time I’m due.

I’d happily concede that this makes me a dis-organised fool, except I know that all of my colleagues do the same, nearly all of the time. I’m a low level offender.

A meeting with a top CEO sticks in the mind. The other meetings, where we just agree that your client sounds interesting enough to share a coffee with, well, there are loads of them, and they don’t stick anywhere.

The email from the flak that says: “just checking you’re still on”, would be way better if it reminded us where and when and why we are meeting.

If you think this makes us sound like children who can’t remember their swimming kit on PE day, you’ve a point.

Think of us like that. The world will turn more smoothly.

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