Flaks to the rescue of Sir Martin Sorrell

Tomorrow's Business

A question posed to three top City PR folk: How do you PR Sir Martin Sorrell?

Answers came slowly, after the longest pauses I’ve ever sat through. Are you still there? “I’m thinking.”

Here’s four ideas:

1) Shut up for a bit.

2) You fell for an old trick. Papers struggle to report the allegations, they can report the denial.

3) Your new venture should be a private venture not a public one. Reversing into a small listed vehicle means there are shareholders with reason to question you about things you don’t wish to discuss. Also, what’s the rush? Wait a bit.

4) Spend some time at home. Be very nice to Mrs Sorrell.

As a hack, it’s not in my interests for Sir Martin to go quiet, but I’m feeling humane. Point 3) seems to be particularly key. As keen as he must be to start work again, to hit back at WPP, surely it would have been better for him to wait.

I should say that Sir Martin has lately got himself some able outside help in David Rigg.

He perhaps needed him sooner…..

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