A few good embargoes

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I don’t like embargoes in general. They assume way more interest in the material than we usually have. They prevent the use of stuff we might want, if we could have it right now. They are self-important.

And, given that they are typically for midnight, i.e. the morning papers, they are specifically biased against the Evening Standard, my employer.

Today, a clever use of an embargo dropped into the inbox.

It’s a story for next Monday, so I can’t tell you the details, but roughly, it’s an inquiry into the retail sector and the fur trade, led by a parliamentary committee.

The work itself is solid. Sending it out today, (Wednesday would have been even better) gives papers the chance to do some proper work of their own.

They can do their own mini-investigation, gather their own material, with the release as a strong starting point.

So the papers get to do more than re-produce a press release. But the report gets its due recognition.

More please.

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