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An annoying statement here from the Financial Conduct Authority on the end of an investigation into a life insurance probe.

It’s one of those with no contact details at the end, a matter I may have mentioned before.

I did get the conversation I needed in order to understand the issue, just about, in the end, but that’s not the point.

The end of the internet release has one of those web things that ask Was this page helpful? No. Not nearly enough.

I think these statements that court no further conversation do more damage than the senders realise.

They are saying: don’t call us. We have nothing else to add.

This was about a matter important enough for the FCA to issue a press release and a statement to the stock market. So not nothing then.

And it posed more questions than it answered.

The FCA would presumably like to be seen as a consumer champion, driving the bad guys out of town.

I’m afraid it more usually comes off as simultaneously self-important and not sure of itself.

This is a problem created far higher up the organisation than the press office.

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