Do flaks read City commentary?

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Let’s assume that our leading City commentators carry some weight. Their columns are well written and well read.

When they decide to kick someone in the nuts, it will hurt.

Yet surveying Roxhill’s database you’d have to conclude that these top City writers aren’t read by flaks.

How else to explain that some of them are on in excess of 650 press lists?

The flaks presume that they want to attract the attention of the hacks. They really don’t.

Former Daily Telegraph City Editor Neil Collins, from whom many of the best business hacks learnt their trade, used to say that City commentary was mostly about entertainment.

He liked to make jokes at the expense of powerful people with zero sense of humour. “You are being way too nice to these people”, was a standard refrain.

To this way of thinking, press releases are mostly things to be made fun of.

I don’t know why you’d make a point of sending them to the folks with the poisoned pens. Better to hope they didn’t spot them.

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