The longest RNS ever

Tomorrow's Business

What’s the longest statement to the stock market ever issued? I don’t know, but today’s effort from Standard Life Aberdeen must be competitive. It comes in eight parts, the first of which is here.

On one hand, there’s an awful lot of stuff to wade through. On the other, well, the hack can hardly accuse the company of being too brief.

There’s excellent detail on the board give us the executive pay, saving us the bother of trawling through the annual report.

Elsewhere, there are detailed and intelligent answers to almost any question we might ask. If that makes us lowly hacks feel redundant, well, that was a matter of time only in any case (sighs).

So, full marks for disclosure. Lower marks for brevity.

But if the effect of the 8-step RNS was to make hacks read more than they normally would before putting finger to typewriter, we can hardly complain about that.

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