Situations vacant: dire shortage of economists

Tomorrow's Business

Another day, another strong set of job numbers, with unemployment at a 44-year low of 3.9%. We can fairly speculate I think that The Guardian and probably the FT will report that these figures come despite Brexit – just you wait to see how bad it gets when it all kicks off.

The Telegraph and The Express might report that these figures come because of Brexit – just you wait to see how good it gets once we are free of these idiots in the EU.

I find myself having some sympathy with Roger Daltrey, who noted in a TV interview that The Who did manage to successfully tour Europe long before the EU was formed in 1993. He should be hired as an economics commentator.

Assuming Mr Daltrey is unavailable, there’s definitely a gap in the market.

City economics analysts all use the same data, no matter how often that data turns out to be wrong. City hacks quote the same analysts all the time.

It would be good to hear from some fresh voices, perhaps from economics who don’t live in or remotely care about London.

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