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A PR disaster, and more, for Thames Water. A burst water main in North London yesterday led to some fairly spectacular outcomes. The pictures speak for themselves

and the reality of it was at least as bad as it looks. Firefighters had to evacuate people from unsafe properties.
Some basement flats were flooded. Local schools were closed, as if the logistics of working life were not complicated enough.

It’s a bit unfortunate for Thames, that this disaster occurred in an area where lots of hacks live, otherwise it might have been regarded as merely a local matter, rather than one of national interest.

There’s not a great deal the PR department can do in search circumstances buy say “sorry” I guess, but the issue of compensation surely arises.

For residents this was either a huge inconvenience or a total disaster. The remarks on Twitter make the point. One said: “How long is a little bit of time. Are you sure “most customers are back on supply”? Or is that just a public line for media consumption?”

Too right.

Anyway, I’m waiting for my bunch of flowers from the press office.

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