(Not-Quite) The same old story at M&S

Tomorrow's Business

Yesterday’s missive observed that the trouble with M&S, from a PR point of view, is that it is the same old story.

That the narrative has barely altered in at least a decade. That the management changes but that the supposed shake-up of the business is a broken record. None of this is the fault of the PR people, but they are rather left selling goods which look out of date.

The biggest single change, in terms of narrative and indeed management action, seems to be a stark acknowledgement of the issues facing the company.

In the past, M&S bosses perhaps thought they could muddle their way through another year, keep investment costs down and protect profits.

Now they give the unvarnished truth, a sign that they truly get it.

So the management, and the PR, is in fact well ahead of the market and the media, which is why the language doesn’t match the numbers.

The next 18 months will prove the truth of the turnaround.

Or not.

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