Warren Buffett doesn’t love us anymore

Tomorrow's Business

A serious blow to hack dreams of working for a benevolent billionaire. Warren Buffett is quitting the newspaper business.

He is taking $140 million in cash, as if he needs it, in return for 30 US newspapers which will move to Lee Enterprises.

Buffett likes newspapers and had a long association with the Washington Post. The suggestion that even he thinks they don’t have much of a future – he insists the ones he has sold are in good hands – is rather a blow to those of us looking to eke out another few years at this game (it has its frustrations, but it is better than a real job).

In an ideal world, newspapers would be comfortably profitable. In the real one, they tend not to be, and typically need funds from rich folk to thrive.

A question for the flak trade: If Warren Buffett is right that we have no future, won’t there be dramatically less need for the services you sell?

Hacks thinking of moving into flakery might want to get a shift on. The market might soon be flooded…

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