Woman gets job shock

Tomorrow's Business

A curious, slightly virtue signalling note just out from a bank whose blushes we shall spare. (We’re good like that).

It wants to flag “two senior female hires” at the investment bank, one in electronic trading and one in the “relationship management team”.

That’s sales, right?

It is good that the bank is hiring women, of course. But the jobs don’t sound that senior.

The note drives one to check the make-up of the board, which consists of 13 blokes and three women, one of who is the HR boss (of course). Some work still to be done then.

I think announcing female hires in this way is well intentioned, but is in danger of going clunk.

If the release said the bank had hired a black man, we’d think it was a Daily Mash spoof.

So this still reads a bit like: “Bank hires woman! For Actual Job!”

They’ll be wanting equal pay next.

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