The press releases we don't get

Tomorrow's Business

An operational curiosity. One which, on really tight days, makes things harder than they need to be.

So, our collective inboxes are full of thousands of pages of stuff we don’t want, that we can’t use, that is poorly directed at best.

Individually, that’s no one’s fault really, it just makes it harder to find the bits we might use. Harder to understand is the failure of flaks to send stuff they absolutely know we want to read.

Most obviously, an RNS that relates to an interview we are going to do in 10 minutes time.

We can get those RNS’s from other places, of course, but why not just send them? Other, less routine announcements on matters of clear importance – the chief executive suddenly resigning – also need hunting down.

Can we have the statement, we ask. It’s on our website, says the flak. Sure. But given that you’ve sent me 10 things I didn’t want already, why not send me the one I obviously do want?

If nothing else, that might give us more time to look at your other stuff…

We’re just curious.

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