Needed:more women on the market

Tomorrow's Business

My favourite three market commentators, in no particular order: David Buik of Core Spreads, Neil Wilson of and Russ Mould of AJ Bell.

The eagle-eyed will have noticed something they have in common: they are all men.

This isn’t the only thing wrong with them.

What they are all good at is describing complicated events at short notice, often with context us dumb-dumb hacks might have missed.

The slight problem for them is that because they are good, they get overused. So editors or news editors sometimes turn against them.

They want a new voice, preferably someone not employed precisely to get their names in the paper.

While there are now more women at the top of journalism than ever before, it seems to me there are gaps in the market for female financial commentators.

Folk who don’t sound like they work for the marketing department.

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