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The Power of AI: Transforming Press Releases with Automated Writing

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Should I write a press release with AI?

Are you looking for a tool that speeds up work and can generate hundreds of press releases with a few clicks? Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but AI has already been conquering the world, from chatbots to creating images, from forecasting financial trends to operating self-drive vehicles and… writing. 

The AI-powered writing tools use natural language processing and machine learning technology to generate high-quality and engaging content – including press releases. While this system can assist you in producing stories for press releases, the outcome might lack the human touch and creativity. Reviewing and editing the content to match the brand’s tone of voice and style is always recommended. 

How can AI help me with my press release?

You can create content in a short amount of time and get your message out to the public faster. AI helps PRs do their job more efficiently, overcome writer’s block, and the time saved can be used on other tasks.  

There are loads of AI writing systems in the market, we challenged some of the free AI tools to write a press release for the same product. We leave you to judge which one is better.

Instruction: write a short, 200-word press release for the “Quiet Luxury” nail trend with an expert opinion and 5 nail varnish product suggestions.

And now let’s see the press release (written by a PR) that made it to the top as the Press Release of the Day for Bridget March, Digital Beauty Editor.  

RoxStars Press Release of the Day:  “Quiet Luxury” Nails Set to Dominate Manicure Trends, According to Experts 

What Bridget thought… 

“Applying ‘quiet luxury’ to manicure looks is a smart way to package the unfussy but feminine nail trends coming via celebrities and social media at the moment (think pearlescent polish, the American manicure, milky nails etc). I don’t know why I haven’t read – or typed – this hook sooner.”  


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Will AI take my job?

The speed at which AI generated the press release is very impressive, with a press of a button AI can write you a lengthy piece of copy. But no, your PR job is not in danger. While AI can generate a good foundation for ideas, it still has limited capacity and needs human supervision. Plus, you’ll still need to adjust the tone of voice, the style, edit the copy, proofread, and add images before sending your press release. And ultimately, the outcome is as good as the instructions you give to them – and the instructions still need to come from humans.  

So, we are far from AI taking up PRs jobs, especially since it’s so much more to a great PR strategy than just writing – think about personal connections with journalists, understanding their titles and audiences and what they look for.  

And what do journalists think of AI?

Read what Bridget March said about ChatGPT 

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