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Unrivalled Accuracy

You’ve probably heard (maybe even a few times) about our unmatched data accuracy, which will never let you down. But for those of you who are new and just stumbled upon this page, here is our promise: 

Our PR tool offers the most detailed and up-to-date information on journalists, we keep you in the loop so you never miss a journalist move or promotion. Ever. Again. 

But we’re not here to deliver a complete sales pitch about the database– we’ll leave this to the Sales team. Instead, we want to talk about how we go beyond just in-app data accuracy and make it our job to help you be accurate through the content we create and share. 

We know journalists and editors personally and interview them to get the most recent insider insights. Want to land your pitch accurately? Not a problem; we condense the best times to pitch into handy infographics like this. Trying to plan your PR campaign ahead? The Special Editions Calendar outlines exactly what top UK glossy magazines plan to run throughout the year.

Come along next time. Here are our upcoming webinars – Roxhill Briefing and Perfect PR, and Roxhill Meets…dates.

Keeping You Relevant

If you want to stay on top of the latest industry trends and stay relevant, whether it is lifestyle or finance related, you can count on us. We speak daily to journalists to keep our content and advice up to date. That way, you can conjure up more relevant opportunities for your stories. 

Our newsletters (if you sign up) deliver you witty takes from journalists on recent events, what drives the agenda at the news desks -with a hint of how you can convert this to a pitching opportunity, a catch-up on top-notch press releases you could use as an example for your one, and more.  RoxStars brings you lifestyle topics – from travel to beauty, while Tomorrow’s Business focuses on, well, what it says on the tin, business. Sign up here.

Looking for ideas on what stories top UK desks are interested in? Look no further than our Pitching Guides, filled with tips straight from the journalists.

All these tie together to help PRs keep up with current trends, target the most relevant publications and have the best chance of engaging the right journalists for their brand or campaign.

Caught your eye?

Roxhill Media provides a powerful media database and PR software to help you quickly target the right journalists and generate effective media coverage for your clients and brands.


Connecting People

Our technology makes finding journalist contact details easy, but there’s more to it than that, we want to help PRs make that human connection. That’s why we set up events, giving you opportunities to meet journalists face-to-face and build deeper and more rewarding relationships. 

Have you got questions for journalists? Then our Q&A session is for you. In this informal setting, the journalist is in the hot seat answering questions from PRs.  

Or, are you ready to pitch your story? Our virtual and live pitching opportunities await where you get your chance to sit face-to-face with journalists and pitch your stories.

And of course, it’s never too early to think of Christmas, our Christmas Speed Pitching event series, which runs in the summer and autumn, is an exclusive chance to connect with journalists to get you or your client a cracking commission, help you stay ahead of the game and land your pitches right on time. 

Here are the upcoming Xmas Speed pitching sessions so you can pitch your product to be featured in the Christmas Gift Guides.

Last year’s guide from Lisa Markwell to Christmas gifts 

If you fancy extending your network, then our Brunch Clubs offer the chance for PRs and journalists to chat, mingle, put a face to a name and share (and pitch) stories. Or, if you prefer to hang out after work, we run networking opportunities like minigolf or Pub Club. 

What’s in store for the future? Our upcoming events are here.

Don’t miss out on opportunities, follow us on Instagram and see what we’ll be up to.

Embracing Respect

We practice and promote respect because that’s the foundation and building blocks of positive and healthy relationships in the media world. Mutual respect fosters stronger professional connections, and it helps PRs grow their individual careers by nurturing deeper and more productive relationships with journalists. 

Considering how you approach journalists can make a world of difference in how your story is recieved. Do they prefer emails or are happy to take calls? What about follow-ups? How many times is too many? Are you sending them relevant content and stories? How do you store their data on your media list?

You can see all these in their profiles on Roxhill Media – we add in journalist notes and interview write-ups, plus we created a page dedicated to GDPR, summarising everything you need to know as a PR about data protection, great tips to stay compliant, building media lists and more. 

Our great GDRP & the PR Industry Guide has everything you need to know as a PR about data protection, dos and don’ts examples and more. 

Our mission is to open the door to the media industry for PRs, bringing them closer to journalists and the media.


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